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Message from Dave

February 24th, 2018
Spring Packing Event

More arrived over the last two weeks, and more boxes were packed, and now 125 BOXES WILL BE SHIPPED OUT!! THIS SETS A NEW RECORD FOR THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF BOXES EVER SHIPPED IN A FEBRUARY EVENT!! WELL DONE TEAM!!

Our Spring Packing Event was hosted this year by Sea Dog Brewery, a new and fantastic restaurant located on the south end of beautiful Treasure Island, Florida. For those that were in attendance, you can vouch for the awesome location and even more so for the food and drink upstairs. In case the manager staff looked familiar, you were not mistaken. Charlie and Victor were the managers at WingHouse back at our 10th anniversary event. When they got the new Sea Dog restaurant opened, Charlie reached out and said they wanted to hold an even there. And boy did they ever! The weather was wonderful, the crowd was incredible, and the event went smoothly and very successfully. A huge thank you to Charlie and Victor and the crew at Sea Dog Brewery! We will definitely be back!

We had our usual packing of goodies, candy, snacks, books, magazines, toiletries, you name it, it was on the tables ready to be shipped! As the day started, there were dozens and dozens of volunteers coming in to bring goods and help us pack the boxes. A big thank you to the Ladies Auxiliary for collecting donations and coming out to help, and to the Blue Star Moms who also gave us lots of goods and dontations, and came to help pack the boxes. There were also a lot of other companies and groups who helped with donations of goods, shipping, and support as well; MBA, Pinellas County School Board, Freedom Sales & Marketing, Largo Area Historical Society, Blue Star Moms, Warner Brothers Marketing, Frankies Patriot BBQ, Michael Jurnigan, and many many more.


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10 years in Afghanistan: With US troops on a mountaintop outpost

Troop News

By Matt Ford, Associated Press

It was the first thing I saw when I landed at Forward Operating Base Tillman in eastern Afghanistan’s Paktika province: a craggy mountain with several huts perched right at the peak, a place called Outpost One. I wanted to meet the men who lived on the mountain.

U.S. Army soldier Pfc. Kyle McClintock, 23, as he stands guard at Outpost One on a mountain top overlooking Forward Operating Base Tillman near the Pakistan border. Growing up, McClintock hated that his mom and dad were in the Army. As Army reservists, they would be gone for long periods. His father fought in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, and his mother served in Afghanistan along the Uzbekistan border.

In the remote mountainous regions along the Pakistan border, these outposts are the first line of defense against the Taliban, members of the Haqqani network and other insurgents that move into Afghanistan from Pakistan’s tribal areas.

The outpost used to be located much lower on the mountain, but it was overrun in 2007. In Afghanistan, the oldest tenet of warfare still applies: The advantage goes to he who holds the high ground. So they moved the outpost as high as they could – to the summit.


There is no running water, so they wash themselves with bottles of water and spit toothpaste over a cliff. The soldiers take turns standing guard on the roof of one of the makeshift structures built out of plywood and sandbags surrounded by multiple gun positions and surveillance equipment.

The rest of the soldiers entertain themselves any way they can. They watch movies on their computers, play cards and lift weights with a bench press and two dumbbells. They don’t know what unit before them brought the weights up the side of the mountain, but they're glad they did.

I was taken by how young most of the men are. Now in their early 20s, they were just children in grade school when the war began and they have little recollection of the initial invasion.

Now they sit on top of a mountain in Afghanistan, at war.


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