How You Can Help: Shipping Donations

As with any great project, there are expenses. Our biggest expense is in the shipping cost. Filling the boxes with goodies for the troops comes easy. The shipping is sometimes forgotten in the excitement of it all.

We generally send the large flat rate boxes with the Support Our Troops logo on the side, since these are not only a good standard size box but are also the best bargain as far as shipping cost is concerned. The post office discounts the shipping on these boxes, and the cost is as much as $24 per box to send out. Given that our shipments have ranged from as few as 50 boxes to as many as almost 500 boxes, the shipping cost can be significant. ($1000 – $8000)

We happily take cash donations, checks, and even PayPal donations for the shipping (see the PayPal button on this website). Checks can be made out to Tampa Bay Troop Support, Inc. and dropped off at any of our events. Checks can also be mailed to:

Tampa Bay Troop Support
c/o Elizabeth Marquis
8825 Lazy River Loop, Suite 219
Trinity, Fl 34655

When we receive donations, we put the funds into an account and write one big check to pay the post office for the postage when we are sending the boxes out. There are no profits made on any donations for the group. 100% of any money goes straight to the group expenses, supplies, and postage.

We are always looking for creative ways to raise money for shipping and pack more boxes.

Feel free to drop us an email to let us know what you think! ([email protected] or [email protected])

Thank you!

Tampa Bay Troop Support